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Maintenance №:2 Year:2007(№8)

Posohin V.N., Broyda V.A.  Department of Heating and Ventilation over 40 yearsСтр.3
Aydarov R.S.  Wooden architecture of the Kazan streets of the second half ХIХ – begining ХХ centuriesСтр.5
Dembich A.A., Afonina O.V., Butuzova A.S., Muhamedzyanova Z.N.   The urban planning concept as a basis of the investment programs of development of local territoriesСтр.12
Zakirova YU.A.  Creation of comfortable pedestrian system in the centre of modern large cityСтр.15
Iskandarov M.M.  To questions of preservation of a housing estate of Kazan of the “Stalin period”Стр.18
Ponomar?v E.S.  The social importance of zones of social activity in residential areasСтр.22
Abdyushev A.A.  Modeling of supported shell in ESA-PC2000Стр.26
Ahmetzyanov F.H.  Analogy of some properties of concrete with damages (in the concrete and reinforced concrete elements) with properties of solids described in the theory of plasticityСтр.34
Bogdanovich A.U.  On the centre of a bend sections of the weak-conic barsСтр.36
Dranovskiy A.N., Timurshina G .N., Saydashev R.A.  Sandy ground behaviour during compression in an elastic holderСтр.40
Lukashenko V.I.  The Generalization of АCS development experience for toughness studies of spatial designsСтр.45
Manapov A.Z.  Statistical model of destruction of a steel constructive element with an elastic-plastic work of a material Стр.50
Pekerman E.E., Udler E.M.  Numerical method of determination of surface shape of soft construction shellСтр.56
Prohorov S.V.  The doubleslope beamСтр.58
YUkupov N.M., Abdyushev A.A.  Parametric curing bracket study by accounting complex facilities ESA-PC2000Стр.61
Gazizullin R.G ., Gazizullina E.V.  Mining and processing of sand and gravel mixture of the coastal depositsСтр.65
Mubarakshina L.F., Abdrahmanova L.A., Hozin V.G.  The modification of carbamide foams by industrial wasteСтр.68
Nuriev M.A., Murafa A.V., Makarov D.B., Hozin V.G.  The Вitumen emulsions for defense covering of building designsСтр.73
Rahimov M.M.  The influence of zeolite containing additives on the properties of compositional slag-alkaline bindings with sulphate sodium solutionСтр.78
Rahimova N.R.  Alkali-activated bindings with additives of ceramic bricks breakageСтр.83
Starovoytova I.A.  The research of structure of binders on the basis of polyisocyanates and water solutions of sodium silicatesСтр.89
YUnusov I.I., CHervo A.V.  Economic potential of the building enterpriseСтр.95
Adelshin A.A., Adelshin A.B., Ibyatov R.I.  The modeling of coalescence processes in involutes streams of BGKO plantСтр.102
Adelshin A.B., Ziganshin M.G.  Complex processing of ventilating and technological emissions with chlorine-containing pollutantsСтр.107
Dobroserdova E.A.  The section «Protection of an environment». Composition. RecomendationsСтр.111
Eremkin A.I., Ziganshin M.G.  The improvement of an estimation of Sanitary and Hygienic, Energy and Ecological efficiency of clearing systemsСтр.117
Nikonova S.I.  «In another way thinking» as a phenomenon of spiritual life of soviet society of 1965-1985Стр.122
Paderin V.K.  The role of the methodological complexes in the process of cognition of the social realityСтр.127
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