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First name, Middle name, Last name, Scientific degree, Scientific rank, Current position. Full and brief name of the organization, The organization address.Aivar G. Sattarov, Candidate of Architecture, Associate Professor, Kazan State University of Architecture and Civil Engineering, Kazan, Russian Federation E-mail: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it
Title of the articleFormation of modern Islamic religious architecture in Russia
Abstract.After the collapse of the Soviet Union, with the end of persecution of religion, an active process of construction of new religious buildings and restoration of destroyed churches throughout Russia began. In the early 90s, mosques began to be actively built in Tatarstan, Bashkortostan and other Russian republics with a predominantly Islamic population, but their architecture, for the most part, was not distinguished by any particular artistic merit. The interruption of tradition in the design and construction of religious buildings for more than seventy years caused this impact. The purpose of the article is studying the special features of modern Islamic religious architecture. Research objectives: to study various options of mosques buildings in the aspect of urban development of the existing territory; description of the possibilities of ornamental decoration of mosque interiors; the role of a mosque as the center of cultural and social life of residents of small settlements. Results. An analysis of implemented mosque projects both in the Russian Federation and abroad was carried out. Thus, when designing the construction and reconstruction of both cathedral and quarterly city and rural mosques, it is necessary to take into account the traditions of Tatar architects, the need to create a non-secular sacred image that does not copy Arab or Ottoman motifs. Conclusions. The results obtained on the basis of the examined examples of mosques allow us to trace their main features that form a sacred image that emphasizes national identity.
Keywords.islam, religious architecture, mosque
For citations:Sattarov A.G. Formation of modern Islamic religious architecture in Russia // News KSUAE, 2023, № 4(66), p. 120-132, DOI: 10.52409/20731523_2023_4_120, EDN: HUEZDL

New issues

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