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First name, Middle name, Last name, Scientific degree, Scientific rank, Current position. Full and brief name of the organization, The organization address.Mirsayapov I.T. – doctor of technical sciences, professor E-mail: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it Koroleva I.V. – candidate of technical sciences, associate professor E-mail: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it Kazan State University of Architecture and Engineering The organization address: 420043, Russia, Kazan, Zelenaya st., 1
Title of the articleFeatures of clay soils deformation with increasing regime loading
Abstract.Problem statement. The main goal of the performed studies is to study the features of deformation of clay soil of the disturbed structure under regime cyclic loading with an increasing level of vertical load taking into account high levels of lateral stresses. To date, there are no data on the results of studies under this loading regime. Results. As the main results of the research, one can note the receipt of new data on the peculiarities of the development of relative vertical deformation in dependence of different values of deviator stresses of the cycle in the samples under high levels of lateral stresses. On the basis of the performed analysis of the results of investigations, certain regularities in the behavior of clay soil samples were established under regime cyclic and long-term static triaxial loads. Conclusions. The significance of the obtained results for the construction industry is to study the features of the deformation of clay soil samples of the damaged structure under the change in the loading regime at high lateral stress levels, as well as in determining the influence of the vertical load of the cycle on the stress-strain state of clay soil and its deformation rate. It is established that the previous loading significantly affects the rate of development of vertical deformations of the sample, that is, the deformation characteristics of the clayey soil of the disturbed structure.
Keywords.clay soil, regime loading, triaxial compression, structural hardening, deformations.
For citations:Mirsayapov I.T., Koroleva I.V. Features of clay soils deformation with increasing regime loading // Izvestiya KGASU. 2017. №4(42) P.214-220.

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