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First name, Middle name, Last name, Scientific degree, Scientific rank, Current position. Full and brief name of the organization, The organization address.Khairullin L.R. – candidate of technical sciences, senior lecturer E-mail: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it Kazan State University of Architecture and Engineering The organization address: 420043, Russia, Kazan, Zelenaya st., 1
Title of the articleReinforcement of the butt joint area of the middle layer in sandwich panels
Abstract.During the manufacturing of sandwich panels by uninterrupted technology, with outer layer from steel sheets and middle layer from geofoam, in finished sandwich panels the middle layer always has a butt joint which randomly located in longitudinal direction of the panel. One of the resistant factors of sandwich panels during the carrying lateral load is a failure of the middle layer in butt joint area. In order to increase the load capacity of panels the way which it has to be done was invented which includes insertion of reinforce element into the butt joint of the middle layer. This solution was patented in Russia. In the paper the results of numerical studies of different sandwich panel models with varying thickness and with reinforce element and without it are reviewed. Also the varying location of the butt joint of the middle layer and existence of the non-glued areas between the outer layer and middle layer in but joint zone were researched. Calculations showed that the reinforce element inside the butt joint area significantly reduces the maximum stress in the middle layer and strongly increases the load capacity of the whole panel during the carrying lateral force (from 69 up to 138 %). The stress value in the middle layer depends on the length of the reinforce element, at the same time the thickness of the panel slightly affects on stress values.
Keywords.Three-layer panel, sandwich panel, joint filler, the strength of the filler.
For citations:Khairullin L.R. Reinforcement of the butt joint area of the middle layer in sandwich panels // Izvestiya KGASU. 2013. №4(26) P.129-134.

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