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Title of the articleInnovative ways to improve the quality of residential development
Abstract.The architecture of the nearest future using the recent engineering achievements is able to pass to a new stage of its development in order to create a comfortable and safe living environment. This article brings forward the application of large-span, translucent multi-belted rope coverings able to create in a quite simple and efficient manner the atrium spaces of millions of cubic meters. These coverings are able to protect not only single city blocks from adverse external impacts but, in the long term, also entire communities providing maintenance in the interior under the shell of constant optimal parameters of temperature, humidity, air purity, lighting, acoustic characteristics, as well as security, resource saving and ecological parameters of housing construction. The implementation of the proposed solutions is the real challenge for the Republic of Tatarstan as the implementation of green standards is currently in the process along with the System of voluntary certification of real estate objects that assumes applying of resource-saving, energy efficient, waste free technologies, ecological materials, as well as minimizing the negative impacts on human health and environment.
Keywords.large-aperture light-transparent roof covers, comfortable and safe environment, «Green buildings».
For citations:Kramina T.A., Ivanova E.Y. Innovative ways to improve the quality of residential development // Izvestiya KGASU. 2015. №2(32) P.71-76.

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