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First name, Middle name, Last name, Scientific degree, Scientific rank, Current position. Full and brief name of the organization, The organization address.Khametov T.I. – doctor of economic sciences, professor Bооkin S.N. – post-graduate student E-mail: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it Penza State University of Architecture and Construction The organization address: 440028, Russia, Penza, G. Titova st., 28
Title of the articleAllocation of the significant factors affecting the efficiency of the system of management of objects of housing and communal services
Abstract.Housing and communal services as a branch of national economy exist and develop under the influence of different factors. These factors may influence both directly and indirectly. In its turn the influence of the factor upon the system of housing and communal services management may become negative as well as positive. The extent of the factor influence depends on the magnitude (quantity), intensity and qualitative structure of the factor. The aim of this research is to work out the classification mechanism of different qualitative groups of factors in accordance with their general characteristics increase. The analyses of the most important factors affecting efficiency of housing and communal services system of management will be carried out in two steps: in the first step the joining of the factors into groups on the base of content interpretation of each factor (PEST-analysis) will be carried out; in the second step the qualitative evaluation of the chosen factors influence is done. The main task of the PEST-analysis is to real political, economic, social and technological factors of the environment whish influence the sphere of an enterprise (or a group of enterprises) activities in a certain field. PEST-analyses being classical PEST analyses added by a group of legal factors are used in this work. To eliminate any subjective evaluation of the chosen factors at their ranging the content analysis was used in the second step. Content analysis is used by native researchers as combined quantitative and qualitative text analysis that is carried out with the aim to reveal numerical regularity and their further content interpretation. The offered directions for carrying out the factors analysis are advisable for the primary choice of the most convincing groups of factors sharing the greatest influence on the resultative characteristics in different economic investigations with their further detailed analysis and formalization.
Keywords.Objects of housing and communal services, system of management, PEST-analyses, content analysis, a group of factors.
For citations:Khametov T.I., Bооkin S.N. Allocation of the significant factors affecting the efficiency of the system of management of objects of housing and communal services // Izvestiya KGASU. 2013. №2(24) P.332-339.

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