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First name, Middle name, Last name, Scientific degree, Scientific rank, Current position. Full and brief name of the organization, The organization address.Grishina M.P. – post-graduate student E-mail: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it Kazan State University of Architecture and Engineering The organization address: 420043, Russia, Kazan, Zelenaya st., 1
Title of the articleSigns of architectural compositional originality of parks and gardens of the Soviet period the example of Kazan
Abstract.The article told about the history of landscape architecture of the XXth century. Described the of the historical experience of the system and the typological formation approach in landscape architecture. Disclosed the impact of ideology on the architectural image of gardens and parks. The basic historical stages of the development of landscape architecture. Particular attention is paid to the experience of the USSR. Among the considered system objects are highlighted in the city parks and specialized multipurpose parks, as well as the city public gardens. In landscape architecture of the USSR three principles have the key meaning: urban planning, architecture and space. So author identifies four stages of the landscape construction: preparatory, preliminary design, detailed design and construction. Two stages are allocated in sketch design: architectural and planning solutions, spatial composition. Noted a strong influence of rationing in urban planning in the Soviet Union, including in landscape architecture. There is large number of standards, uniform objects of landscape architecture. But during the construction phase typical urban parks and gardens manifest personality. According to the results of comprehensive analysis of 22 parks and 14 gardens in the city of Kazan, the characteristics of the two types of signs of originality gardens and parks are formulated and given. Revealed signs of originality in the future can be applied in determining the cultural and historical value of objects created in landscape architecture of the XXth century.
Keywords.Construction of gardens and parks of the xxth century, landscape architecture, the ideological component, the Soviet period, identity signs, urban garden, park.
For citations:Grishina M.P. Signs of architectural compositional originality of parks and gardens of the Soviet period the example of Kazan // Izvestiya KGASU. 2014. №1(27) P.7-12.

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